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10 Miles to Traverse & 3 Stunning Vistas

Rider Park is open to the public from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. All facilities as marked on the map, including restrooms and pavilion areas, are available for public use during park hours.

Choose from four major trails (plus supporting trails) offering terrain for all fitness levels. Combine trails for longer hikes or link up with a trail in adjacent Loyalsock State Forest. Plan your journey to take in one of three beautiful vistas: Doe Pen, Katy Jane East, and Katy Jane South.


Call 570-321-1500 or look for updates on the FCFP Facebook page.

TIP: Save it to your phone before you hike.

Stunning view of an open field with wildflowers and the entrance to the woods about a mile away

Events at Rider Park

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Directions & Parking

The park is 11 miles northeast of Williamsport. Use the pinned location below for your journey. There is a parking lot at the end of Caleb’s Creek Road for park visitors. Kindly don’t block the gates.

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Stunning view of an open field with wildflowers and the entrance to the woods about a mile away

History of Rider Park

Rider Park was a gift of the late Thomas J. Rider, who wanted to share his love of outdoor recreation with the community.

A businessman and civic leader, Mr. Rider believed strongly in a life of community service. The park is a fitting tribute to a man who balanced work with volunteerism and recreation.

Owned and operated by First Community Foundation Partnership, the park is private land made available for public enjoyment.

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Park Use Guidelines

Recreational use of the park is limited to activities that respect its natural beauty and serenity.

Visitors are expected to honor the User Guidelines and Rules for recreational use. These rules are designed to protect the park, ensure visitor safety, and create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Please keep these basic rules in mind:

  • The park is available for daytime use only (dawn to dusk)
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times
  • Absolutely no alcohol or firearms are allowed on-site

FCFP reserves the right to adapt or limit recreational use to help manage and maintain the park.

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