Welcome! We’re glad you’re considering our scholarship program. Our online portal will guide you through the application steps. Here’s an overview of the process.

1. Create an account.

Create a user account with a current email and 12 character password. Your email will not be shared; it will be used only for the scholarship portal.

We suggest using an email that you frequently check. Using your high school email is discouraged as those accounts are usually deactivated after graduation and new information may not reach you.

2. Complete and submit your application.

Follow the instructions in the online portal to complete all the application steps, and work with your guidance counselor and our Program Officer, if needed. When you’re ready, submit the application through the portal.

3. Additional Requirements.

Some opportunities require additional information, such as an essay or letters of recommendation, as directed by the scholarship donor. You will receive email notification with instructions after you submit your general application.

4. Notification for recipients.

Most high schools announce scholarship recipients at graduation. If you’ve been awarded, you’ll also receive electronic confirmation from FCFP at a later date. We don’t send denial letters. If you’re a non-traditional student, we’ll send you a letter with the results.

5. Contact your guidance counselor.

If you’re a high school student, we recommend working closely with your high school guidance counselor throughout the application process. They’ll be able to help you find the scholarships that best fit your student profile and tell you about submission dates (also listed on the scholarship webpage).

If you’re a non-traditional student, our Program Officer will be able to answer any of your questions.

Pic of Marsha Lemons

Have a question about the application process? Reach out to Marsha!

Marsha Lemons, Program Officer
570-321-1500, ext. 28