Pearls is a way for women of all ages and backgrounds to get involved with giving. Through the donor society, members help grow and direct the Pearls with a Passion fund. All Pearls are invited to an annual dinner, where together they determine the area of grantmaking for the year ahead.

100+ Member Pearls (give $250+ annually)

$153,000 given to 46 programs in Lycoming & Union Counties since 2013

25+ Infinity Pearls ($25,000+ lifetime donation)

2022 Grant Recipients:

  • Snyder Union Mifflin Child Development Inc. – $2,200: for the SUMMIT Early Learning Family Tuition Assistance Program, which helps provide continued childcare for families in need during difficult times.
  • AIDS Resource Alliance, Inc. – $4,000: to support the HIV Prevention Assistance for Sexual Assault Survivors program, which provides free HIV prevention medication to sexually assaulted individuals.
  • DIG Furniture Bank – $4,800: to support the implementation of a management software program to advance DIG’s ability to personalize client services, a critical part of achieving their mission of instilling dignity after crisis.
  • Camp Koala – $5,000: to support the costs of conducting six-week grief support groups for grieving children in partnership with local School Districts.
  • Family Promise of Lycoming County Inc. – $5,000: to support The Promising Futures program to meet the housing needs of people in crisis and in danger of losing their homes, or the safety of their homes.
  • Think BIG Pediatric Cancer Fund Inc. – $5,000: to support the Lycoming and Union County Family Assistance program, which relieves the stress of everyday financial expenses so families who are battling pediatric cancer can concentrate on treatment and healing.

Become a Pearl

Member Pearls

Annual contribution of $250 or more

  • Attend annual dinner in December
  • Vote for annual grantmaking focus
  • Enjoy networking and friendship

Meet Our Member Pearls

  • Lenaire Ahlum
  • Audrey Albright
  • Keri Albright
  • Kendra Aucker
  • Amber Axeman
  • Alfreda Baer
  • Laurie Barclay
  • Lise Barrick
  • Martha Barrick
  • Donna Bastian
  • Brooke Beiter
  • Mary Bennardi
  • Rebecca Berninger
  • Nancy Boyer
  • Cynthia M. Brindger
  • Linda Brown
  • D. Toni Byrd
  • Stephanie Calder
  • Nicoya Catino
  • Mary Beth Clark
  • Nancy Craig
  • Lisa Cramer
  • Nichole Crawford
  • Ruthanne Crotty
  • Ruth Croyle
  • Joyce Davis
  • Doreen Decker
  • Jeanne DeFeo
  • Linda Desmond
  • Frances Doherty
  • Kathleen Evans
  • Geralyn Fausnaught
  • Pamela Fink
  • Mary Fish
  • Betty Gilmour
  • Vicki Haussmann
  • Joyce Hershberger
  • Sally Hilsher
  • Mary Holstein
  • Sabra Karr
  • Megan Kelley
  • Kimberly Kist
  • Diana Konkle
  • Mary Frances Liddell
  • Linda Lundy
  • Hallie Luppert
  • Ina McCormick
  • Diane Meixell
  • Dorothy White Mertz
  • Suzette Meyer
  • Gloria Miele
  • Theresa Moff
  • Barbara Morrone
  • Kristen Moyer
  • Susan Myers
  • Nicole Nardi
  • Diane Pelesh
  • Ann Pepperman
  • Rebecca Perez
  • Sandra Person
  • Andree Phillips
  • Marisa Rau
  • Katherine Ritter
  • Maggie Roche
  • Susan Ross
  • Donna Sayah
  • Mary Shaw
  • Deborah Shivetts
  • Carol Sides
  • Christine Sleboda
  • Allison Savoy Staiman
  • Linda Stein
  • Judith Styrcula
  • Lore Tignor
  • Sharon Trachte
  • Alice Trowbridge
  • Jessica Vannucci-Wheeland
  • Lori Wilson
  • Mary Wolf
  • Kathy Zakarian

Infinity Pearls

Lifetime giving of $25,000 to Pearls with a Passion fund

  • Lifetime membership
  • Determine grantmaking criteria and grantee recommendations
  • Attend annual dinner in December
  • Vote for annual grantmaking focus
  • Enjoy networking and friendship

Meet Our Infinity Pearls

  • Anonymous
  • Linda Alberts
  • Karen Blaschak
  • Diane Breon
  • Jane Clapps
  • Shirley Durrwachter
  • Martha Gandy
  • Anita Gibbons
  • Davie Jane Gilmour
  • Barbara Hudock
  • Lyneah Hudock
  • Mary Ann Johnson
  • Dawn Linn
  • Carolyn-Kay Lundy
  • Teri MacBride
  • Trisha Marty
  • Nicole Miele
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Carol Savoy
  • Marilyn Seeling
  • Kristin Vincenzes
  • Tammy Avery Weber
  • Mary Welch
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Sue Young
illustration of community members helping and mentoring each other

Are you the next Infinity Pearl?

An Infinity Pearl is a member who gives a lifetime gift of $25,000 to Pearls with a Passion. If the Infinity Pearl is the first in her county, that county will be opened to grantmaking.

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