At the heart of it, financial advisors and philanthropic planners have the same purpose. We both help people direct their money in a way that reflects their values.

At FCFP, we regularly work with financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, and their clients—our donors. Together, we explore how we can meet financial goals and serve community needs in one effort.

Bring us in at the beginning of the conversation and we all benefit.

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How FCFP can help

Deep expertise

We know the nuances of philanthropic giving so you don’t have to. This covers the intricacies of charitable vehicles and related tax law.

Personalized plans

We can help you create timely, flexible giving arrangements that bring your clients peace and fulfillment.

Community insight

We don’t just give money away. We draw on long-term relationships with area nonprofits to advise your clients on community needs.

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When Expertise Matters

Legacy planning

When your clients are drafting wills, trusts, and estate plans.

Tax strategy

When your clients are gifting tax-favored assets, appreciated stock, or retirement plans to loved ones.

Succession planning

When your clients are selling a business, or disposing of major assets like rental properties, family farms, and second homes.

Major life events

When your clients are navigating divorce or remarriage, anticipating a financial windfall, or getting ready to retire.

Is your client considering an endowment?

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I’m Jason, an expert in planned giving. Let’s meet!

Jason McCahan, Director of Major & Planned Gifts

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Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about working with FCFP to meet your clients’ giving goals:

  • Getting started
  • Choosing a fund type
  • Sample language and agreements