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Give assets and property

Did you know we accept non-monetary gifts like stocks, property, and artwork? Talk to a member of our philanthropy team about donating:

  • Stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, and other appreciated assets
  • Homes, farms, vacation properties, and other real estate
  • Artwork, jewelry, collections, equipment, and other personal property
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Give to education through EITC

If you qualify for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, we’re your capable partner. Started in Pennsylvania in 2001, the EITC supports programs at schools, allowing businesses to earn tax credits for gifts to approved education organizations.

A member since the program began, FCFP helps businesses connect with educational causes to fund. We can grant funds to any school in the state, which means participants can send one check and allow FCFP to do the rest.

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Want to start your own fund?

We can tailor it to fit your interests. Support scholarships, nonprofits, or causes. Decide to direct the fund yourself or leave it up to us.