The scholarship program at the Community Foundation not only allows donors and organizations to continue their legacy, but enables deserving students to continue their education and develop essential career skills.  The Community Foundation administers funds that provide approximately one hundred area students with scholarships each year.  Each fund has specific award criteria that has been designated by the gifting donor. A list of scholarships by school district and by special interest are available below. We recommend working with your high school guidance counselor to find the scholarships that best fit your student profile.

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Scholarships by School District

A majority of our scholarships are awarded to students within a set of specified school districts. View District Scholarships

Scholarships by Special Interest

Some donors have chosen to award scholarship funds to students that meet certain academic, personal or situational criteria. View Special Interest Scholarships

Want to Start a Scholarship?

Learn how your gift can be used to ensure our local students get the education and training they deserve. Contact us today to start planning your gift.