College student, Hannah, smiling while wearing her blue graduation gown

Fund: Ralph and Josephine Smith Scholarship

Recipient: Hannah Staman
Total Awarded: $20,000
Location: Warrior Run School District, Northumberland County
Year: 2021

Hannah Staman is in her second semester at Duquesne University. And she’s worked hard to get there—serving four terms as class president, taking honors and AP courses, and joining the National Honor Society.

But despite all that, there was a time when attending Duquesne was out of the question.

This scholarship,” says Hannah, “meant I didn’t have to just go where the money allowed. I could go to the school of my dreams. This scholarship made it possible.

Hannah is using her scholarship to pursue a career in law.

“I fell in love with the topic in high school,” she says. “I’ve been looking into criminal law. I want to be a prosecutor one day.”

Hannah found out she’d been awarded the scholarship in her last days before graduation. But when it was announced at the senior awards ceremony, she didn’t know how large the payout would be

When she later found out, it caught her off guard.

I was so incredibly grateful for the opportunity, that they were willing to take a chance on me. Now I want to prove them right.

While many students like Hannah qualify for financial aid, it often ends after their first year. Then, students must decide whether to take out loans or drop out of college. For recipients of the Ralph and Josephine Smith Scholarship, that decision is made a little easier thanks to yearly payouts.

We asked Hannah if she had any advice for Warrior Run students applying to this year’s scholarship.

“Just be yourself in the applications. I’ve realized that schools and scholarships aren’t necessarily looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate. They want to know what makes you special, not just your grades. Be open and personable.”

If you know a student you think could benefit from the Ralph and Josephine Smith Scholarship—or any of the other scholarships managed by FCFP—they can apply here.

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