Deadline and Notification

Applications must be submitted by June 30.
Notification will be made mid-August.

Please email Betty Gilmour at [email protected] to request an application.

Who May Apply

  • Nonprofit organizations that are qualified to receive tax-exempt contributions, including religious organizations defined under Section 509(a)(1), and public charities as defined by IRS section 501(c)(3)
  • Organizations without tax-exempt status may work through a fiscal sponsor who is qualified to receive tax-exempt contributions

Ineligible Requests

  • Annual campaigns and event sponsorships
  • Endowments
  • Ongoing operational support (except seed funding or in special situations as identified by the Fund’s advisory board)
  • Debt reduction
  • Direct grants to individuals
  • Research grants of a highly technical or specialized nature
  • Lobbying activities

General Criteria for Reviewing Requests

  • Address priority needs of the Orthodox Church in America and/or opportunities in catalytic ways that enhance its mission
  • Show evidence of qualified leadership to complete project and responsibly administer grant funds
  • Clearly articulate a need/opportunity, demonstrate an effective focusing of human & financial resources, and hold potential for successfully impacting the identified need/opportunity
  • Combine clear goals with a plan to evaluate progress and, to the degree practical, measure the outcomes to be achieved
  • Demonstrate a stable funding base from other sources and/or the ability to achieve long-term self-sustainability, especially when seeking start-up or seed funding
  • Use volunteers and in-kind support to reduce and complement financial support
  • Demonstrate potential for Foundation funds to leverage funding from other sources and/or propose use of a Foundation grant to attract matching funds
  • Does not duplicate other programs or projects serving the church
  • Is consistent with the teachings and ministry of the Orthodox Church in America

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