Fiscal Responsibility

First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania is dedicated to providing transparent, careful stewardship of donor’s gifts. Our investment and spending policies support current, as well as future, grantmaking and administrative needs, while ensuring the inflation-adjusted spending power of the Foundation’s charitable assets over time. Our Board of Directors takes a long-term view in setting and monitoring these policies to ensure the perpetuity of your funds.

The annual cash payment of all funds, except those with illiquid assets will be 5% of the average market value, using a 20-quarter trailing average. For funds less than five years old the market value will be of the average of all quarterly market values to date. This payout will be used to meet both grantmaking and administrative needs.

The Foundation utilizes SEI Investments, a professional investment consultant group, to advise our investment strategies. Learn more about our investment partner at


Investment and Spending Policy

Learn more about our approach, objectives and our policies regarding investments and spending. Our policy supports current and future grantmaking and administrative needs, while ensuring inflation-adjusted spending power of our charitable assets over time. View our Investment and Spending Policy.

Investment Performance

The investment objective of the Community Foundation is to meet the payout percentage plus inflation. View our quarterly investment summary.

Audited Financial Statement

View the Community Foundation’s audited financial statements for 2018

View the Community Foundation's audited financial statements for 2019

FCFP 990 Forms

View the public disclosure of the 2018 FCFP 990 Form.

View the public disclosure of the 2019 FCFP 990 Form.