Establish a Fund

Your community has needs. You have long-term charitable goals. First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania can help you establish a fund that meets both requirements. To get started give us a call. We want to help make giving easier for you. Our experts can help you plan, set up and manage a type of fund that matches your personal values, charitable interests and desired level of involvement.

Endowed or Non-endowed?

First, determine whether you’d like to establish an endowed or a non-endowed (pass-through) fund. Most frequently, donors come to us wishing to make a gift that will last in perpetuity, so they establish an endowed fund. The principal amount you gift is then invested and a percentage of the interest is granted annually to the charitable cause of your choice. This option will allow your fund to continue well into the future.

You can also establish a pass-through fund that is designed to grant some or the entire principal amount you gift. This option is finite and the fund will ultimately be depleted. Once you’ve chosen whether your fund will be endowed or pass-through, you can further specify the type of fund to direct how your gift will be used.

Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Our community’s needs change over time. To ensure those needs will always be met, you can establish an unrestricted fund. Your gift will then be directed by those who know the community best— your Community Foundation. We will assess the areas in which your gift can have the greatest impact.

Donor Advised Funds

For a more personal giving experience, a donor advised fund allows you to make recommendations for the distribution of grants from your fund each year. Donor advised funds also help pass on your philanthropic values to family members by involving them in the recommendations.

Designated Funds

If you have a nonprofit organization you wish to support, a designated fund can be created. The Community Foundation will then help manage and grow your gift to ensure your favorite charity continues to thrive well into the future.

Field of Interest Funds

You can direct your gift to an area of the community you value or hold personal interests in by establishing a field of interest fund. Whether you want to support education, arts, the environment, children, social services or a particular geographic area, the Community Foundation can direct your funds to the organization or charity with the most need in your field of interest.

Scholarship Funds

The Community Foundation can help you create a scholarship fund that will help students further their education. As the donor you can determine scholarship requirements such as grade point average, course of study, geographic area, or extracurricular achievements. These funds can be established by individuals, families, companies or other organizations.

Organizational Endowments

Nonprofit organizations can create a permanent funding solution by creating an organizational endowment through the Community Foundation. This type of fund ensures low cost administration and access to professional investment opportunities.

Contact us and we’ll help you set up a fund that best matches your goals and interests.