FCFP recently appointed Sara Street as the Rider Park Manager. The vacancy was created by the retirement of Bonnie Mahoney who served in the role for more than eight years.

Street’s educational background is in landscape architecture, ecological restoration, arboriculture, and park management. She loves plants and has developed a “landscape eye.” As she walks through the meadows and forest at Rider Park, she is constantly mentally editing plants; dreaming of native plants to add and removing the invasives that compete for space and nutrients. Through her work with a local consulting forester, she has learned how to look at the forest and notice the successional trends and look for ways to improve reforestation. It has been her great fortune to have worked for the North Cascades National Park Service trail crew where she designed and built accessible and backcountry hiking trails.

As Rider Park Manager, Street will oversee the upkeep and development of the 867-acre natural area. Rider Park is the largest privately owned recreation area in Lycoming County and is open to the public daily from dawn until dusk. Street’s work will enable visitors to connect with nature and experience the history and beauty that our region has to offer. Street will lead the Rider Park team of staff and volunteers to maintain over ten miles of trail systems and facilities.

Rider Park is owned and operated by FCFP.