Through the generous and compassionate gifts of donors, the Community Foundation is able to present a number of grants to charitable organizations and causes in our community. Discover how Community Foundation funds have made a difference in your community this past year: Our Results

If you are looking to provide a gift for an existing fund, you can browse the funds by county below and donate online or contact us.

If you are an organization in need or have a project worthy of grant money from one of the funds listed below, read the guidelines carefully and send your application by mail to the Community Foundation address or email them to

Lycoming County Grant Opportunities

Little League Fund for Youth Sports

The Little League Fund for Youth Sports, created in 2016, benefits Lycoming County organizations that promote youth activity and healthy living through sports.  Grants will support youth sports programs that serve children under the age of 16 or people with special needs. Preference will be given to requests that help remove barriers inhibiting participation or enhance experiences for all participants. Public School Districts and private schools, along with their respective booster clubs and associations, are ineligible to apply. Deadline for applications was March 1.

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Lycoming Economic Development Foundation Fund

The Lycoming Economic Development Foundation Fund was created in 2015, with a partnership between the Community Foundation and the Lycoming Foundation.  This fund was created to offer grants to nonprofits for the purpose of promoting the economic, commercial and industrial welfare of Lycoming County.  Programs or projects that address job creation or retention, a developing skilled workforce with a focus on low-income individuals, improvements to infrastructure, or encouraging environmentally sustainable approaches to economic development are may apply. Deadline for applications is September 28.


Waldron Memorial Fund

The Waldron Memorial Fund was created in 1976 to support the charitable, educational, religious or health care purposes in and around the Borough of Muncy. The Fund provides grants annually through a competitive grant process to nonprofit organizations serving the residents of the Muncy Area. Deadline for applications was March 1.


Plunketts Creek Township Foundation Fund

The Plunketts Creek Township Foundation Fund was founded in 1944 to “promote and maintain a charitable and benevolent organization in Plunketts Creek Township to assist the needy and to foster the moral, educational, recreational and social interest of the people living in and adjacent to the said township.” Deadline for applications was March 1.


Roscoe M. and Edith M. Wolf Fund

Roscoe M. Wolf established a field of interest fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania in 1985.  The Roscoe M. and Edith M. Wolf Fund was created to support the education, health & human service, recreation, youth, environment and other missions of nonprofit charity organizations in the Jersey Shore Borough.  No grant cylce for 2018.  Please check back in 2019.


Williamsport Lycoming Impact Fund

The Williamsport Lycoming Impact Fund was established in 2002, pooling unrestricted dollars to fund projects and programs with the potential for high community impact for the residents of Lycoming County. Requests of $250,000 or more from qualified nonprofit organizations must contact the Foundation for a preliminary review of the project prior to approval to submit a full application and presentation.


Williamsport Lycoming Community Fund Unrestricted Grant Program

The Williamsport Lycoming Community Fund Unrestricted Grant program considers grants to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations serving residents of the Williamsport and Lycoming County area, with missions relating to art & culture, education, health & human services, youth, environment, and economic development. The program supports requests for capital improvement, equipment & technology, new programs and program enhancements. Mandatory workshops scheduled for April 9th at 10:00 am and 3:30 pm.  Reservations required - please email   



Northumberland County Grant Opportunities

Ralph and Josephine Smith Fund

Grants and scholarships from the Ralph & Josephine Smith Fund are made possible by the generous gifts of Josephine Smith, a woman of vision for the future of her community. Charitable dollars are available yearly to four designated organizations that serve Northumberland County: Evangelical Community Hospital, the Montgomery House Warrior Run Area Public Library, SUN Home Health Services, and the Turbotville Community Hall Corporation. The Fund may provide grants to organizations that serve the residents of the Warrior Run School District through a competitive grant application process. Please contact the Program Office for information on any current grant dollars available for other nonprofit organizations.


Union County Grant Opportunities

Ben Franklin Fund

In his will, Benjamin Franklin, who died in 1790, left his estate to the City of Philadelphia directing that the money not be accessed until 200 years after his death. In 1990 those dollars were allocated to foundations throughout Pennsylvania. The funds gifted to the Foundation are designated to benefit children and youth programming in Union County. For the calendar year 2015, a strategic School District Beyond the Budget grant will provide students in the Lewisburg and Mifflinburg Area School Districts an opportunity to attend an Education Series show at the Community Arts Center, with funds going to tickets and/or bussing fees for children in K-12th grades. No grant cycle for 2018.  Please check back in 2019.


Lindig Lewisburg Foundation Fund

Lindig Lewisburg Foundation Fund was established by the late Charles F. Lindig. Through his will, he set aside a portion of his estate for the benefit of projects directed towards the religious, charitable, educational, cultural, recreational or economic welfare of the Borough of Lewisburg. Deadline for applications is September 28.


Union County Community Fund Minigrant Program

The Minigrant program offers grant awards through a competitive grant process from registered nonprofit organizations in Union County. This Fund assists a broad range of charitable projects, serving organizations with missions relating to arts & culture, education, health & human services, youth, environment & economic development and supports requests for capital improvements, equipment & technology, and program enhancements. No grant cycle for 2018.  Please check back in 2019.


Multi-County Grant Opportunities

Bernard and Eva Bredbenner Fund

The Bernard and Eva Bredbenner Fund was established with the First Community Foundation Partnership of PA in 2013. Mr. & Mrs. Bredbenner had long been champions of helping children reach their full potential. The fund was created to grant to qualified nonprofit organizations with programs that meet the needs of children and youth in Columbia, Lycoming and/or Montour Counties.  No grant cycle for 2018.  Please check back in 2019. 



Ganister Orthodox Foundation Fund

The Ganister Orthodox Foundation Fund was established to preserve and perpetuate the teaching, mission and ministry of the Orthodox Church in America or its canonical successors and its correlative institutions, organizations, agencies and ministries. Deadline for applications is June 30.


Pearls with a Passion Fund

The Pearls with a Passion Fund was established at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania in 2013. This women’s giving society brings together women from a variety of backgrounds with a common goal – to create powerful communities through passionate giving. Grantmaking for the fund is determined annually by the membership. Grant dollars are available through the Pearls with a Passion Fund for organizations with programs or projects that focus on child and youth in Lycoming County and Union County areas. Deadline for applications is September 28.


Tree House Fund

The Tree House Fund is a regional field of interest fund at the FCFP, created to support organizations focused on programming and projects that benefit children and youth in the north central region of Pennsylvania. Income from this fund goes only to promising programs and projects that will impact children in one or more of the following PA counties: Bradford, Clinton, Lycoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna and/or Tioga. Deadline for applications was March 1.

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