Three Healthcare Organizations Speak with One Voice through FCFP

Public Health Campaign

FCFP is launching a public health campaign aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. While public messages are not new, the approach FCFP took brings together the community in a way we have not seen before. FCFP brought the region’s healthcare organizations together to speak to area residents with a single voice.

As an advocate for many important causes in the region, FCFP saw an opportunity to strike back at the growing number of COVID-19 cases and related fatalities. At the invitation of FCFP’s President & CEO, Jennifer D. Wilson, marketing and communication executives from Evangelical Community Hospital, Geisinger, and UPMC agreed to participate.

Through a collaborative process, responsibly conducted using Zoom video calls, the group agreed that changing individual behaviors was the single most important goal. But after each organization just spent months educating, coaching, and encouraging these behaviors, they identified message fatigue as a potential barrier to success.

Wilson tapped marketing agency, MoJo Active, to create a campaign that would break through the message fatigue barrier while resonating with the three different healthcare organizations. Anchored by the novelty of having the logos of all three healthcare organizations side by side, the campaign’s compelling headline “Only you can help us defeat COVID-19” is supported by a constant theme, “FCFP brought us together. To keep you apart.”

“The campaign makes it very clear. Individual behaviors – not healthcare organizations – will determine how long this pandemic continues to impact our region,” said Wilson. “Masking, distancing, hygiene, and now vaccinations are all personal choices.  The opportunity to stop the spread is in the hands of each individual.”

The campaign will appear on billboards throughout the FCFP region and on video ads on social media and YouTube.

“We had to do something,” said Wilson. “The extraordinary employees of these organizations fight day and night to help the people of our region combat the virus, but they can’t prevent them from contracting it. This campaign just might be the little extra needed to get the message across.”