Professional Advisors

First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania has a long history of collaboration with attorneys, financial planners, accountants and other professional advisors. As charitable gift planning specialists, we can connect your clients with regional charities and help start a fund that meets their financial and charitable interests. We do not promote any particular charitable cause, enabling us to assist clients in giving to one charity or many.

We are not meant to be a replacement of the professional advisor, but rather a resource and facilitator for the advising team. You, the professional advisor, have the best understanding to develop an estate, retirement and/or financial plan that best meets the donor’s overall, long-term needs. The Community Foundation then helps you and your client achieve that long-term vision by creating a personal or family legacy. If clients want to continue to have assets managed through their professional advisor, you can rely on the Community Foundation as your back office for charitable gift planning ideas, illustrations, and documents, as well as for information on community needs, regional charities and philanthropic possibilities.

Ways to Give

The Community Foundation accepts a variety of gifts and can help clients tailor that gift to meet their charitable goals. Learn more

Establish a Fund

We can assist your client in establishing a variety of fund types according to their interests, values and situation.

  • Unrestricted Funds
  • Field of Interest Funds
  • Designated Funds
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Organizational Endowments

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Why Use First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania?

Whatever your specific client’s needs and concerns, the Community Foundation has the expertise and flexibility to offer the perfect solutions. In addition to simply making the process easier, less time consuming and more affordable, our staff can offer charitable giving strategies to help solve problems, such as:

  • Estate planning and related issues, such as the drafting of wills and trusts
  • Gifting tax-favored assets to their children/loved ones
  • Finding solutions for gifting qualified retirement plans and IRAs
  • Succession planning or sale of a business
  • Meeting current financial concerns with deferred giving and annuity options
  • Gifting appreciated stock to avoid capital gains
  • Major life events such as divorce and re-marriage, planning for children’s and grandchildren’s education and deaths
  • Anticipated financial windfalls
  • Disposing of major assets such as rental properties, family farms and second homes.

Donor Recognition

Many donors hope their leadership will inspire others to give. Some donors want to honor or memorialize a loved one, while others prefer to remain anonymous. To honor the foresight of your clients and their generosity, as well as your partnership as advisor, we have created several recognition societies: