What is a Community Foundation?

Community foundations are designed to better the social and economic health of a region. As a tax-exempt public organization, a community foundation guides the philanthropic gifts of donors by investing and administering the funds to charitable programs and purposes. Families, individuals, businesses and organizations can donate to the various endowed or non-endowed funds already established or start a fund that reflects their specific philanthropic goals. The community foundation manages these funds, utilizing a portion of their income to provide grants, scholarships and support to the local community.


Professional Stewardship.

Donating through and establishing funds with a community foundation can reduce your administrative costs and ensure funds are invested in the areas of greatest need.

Maximum Charitable Deductions.

Because community foundations receive public support, donors are eligible for tax deductions on charitable gifts. 


By design community foundations can provide long-term stewardship to ensure your charitable intents are carried out over time.


Community foundations can customize funds or gifts to achieve your specific charitable interests.

First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP)

First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania works to improve the quality of life in north central Pennsylvania through community leadership, the promotion of philanthropy, the strengthening of nonprofit impact and the perpetual stewardship of charitable assets.

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