President's Message

Why do donors choose to build their legacies at First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania? Our experience tells us that when donors begin making decisions about giving back to the community, their business acumen kicks in. They know that the FCFP has the business sense and the investment sense to manage and grow their money. As a community foundation we will take care of that forever.

A philanthropist is a combination of a really smart head and gigantic, compassionate heart. Those who give want to be smart and do well by their money, but they want to be remembered for more than their business acumen. Once donors have provided for their families, they consider how they can give back to their community and their neighbors. In that moment of gratitude, legacies are born. We at FCFP are the keeper of those legacies.

We have the technical ability necessary for responsive grantmaking. Flexibility is one of a community foundation’s defining characteristics. As a donor you can give what you want, when you want and how you want. You can establish an unrestricted fund that benefits the areas of greatest need, a donor advised fund, a field of interest fund, a scholarship fund or a designated fund that benefits your favorite nonprofit. Flexibility is also an essential element of the FCFP’s Investment Policy and our grantmaking process. It allows us to adapt and change with the times providing the greatest good for the community now and in the future.

The FCFP is a sophisticated, multi-dimensional charitable organization that can serve our donors and our nonprofits in as many various ways as you can imagine. Our communitarian view will be as current in 2040 as it is today.

Jennifer D. Wilson
President & Chief Executive Officer
First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania