Community Foundation Receives $180,111 From Education Improvement Tax Credits

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania received $180,111 in donations from seven area businesses through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s EITC Program allows businesses to donate to organizations approved by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) such as the Community Foundation. In return, the business receives a tax credit for their donation. The business designates their donation to local schools for innovative programs for students. The Community Foundation distributes the dollars to the school districts through two grant programs: Educator in Residence Grants and Venture Grants for Teachers.

Educator in Residence Grants provide funding to enable teachers to engage writers, artists, musicians, scientists, business leaders, naturalists, and others in supplementing their curricula and lesson plans with real world professionals who can provide first-hand insight into a particular discipline. Monies are used to fund stipends, travel expenses, materials and related costs incurred in bringing a professional into the classroom.

Venture Grants for Teachers provide funding to enable teachers to develop new teaching approaches, creative lesson plans, new learning models, and other educational outreach beyond standard teaching practices. Monies are used to fund specialized materials, purchase outsourced resources, equipment integral to the venture project, student travel, and other educational outreach beyond standard teaching practices.

Since the program began in 2001, the Community Foundation has developed a strong partnership among several areas business and local school districts. The partnership has allowed local businesses to support the young people in the region by identifying and meeting many areas of the required Pennsylvania State Standards.

Muncy Bank and Trust has been donating to the EITC program through the Community Foundation since 2009. This year, the Bank has graciously donated $111,111 to five area school districts: East Lycoming, Montgomery, Montoursville, Muncy, and Warrior Run.
“We are proud to make an important investment in the future of the young people in our area,” said Daniel Berninger, Muncy Bank and Trust President & CEO. “There is no discussion when it comes to participating. It is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Several other local businesses were approved to participate in the 2011 EITC program. Giant Food Stores donated $1,000 to benefit the Williamsport Area School District. Cole’s Hardware and Enhanced Management Services each donated $5,000 to the Danville Area School District. The Milton Area School District and Lewisburg Area School District will each benefit from West Milton State Bank’s donation of $5,000. Woodlands Bank is donating $50,000 for the fifth year to benefit five area school districts: Jersey Shore, Loyalsock, Muncy, South Williamsport, and Williamsport.

Waste Management donated $3,000 to the Senator Yaw Student Government Seminar. The seminar provides an opportunity for students, from a four county area, to participate in governmental workshops and discussions. The activities give students hands-on experience and the ability to apply teachings to real life issues. One hundred and ninety-three high school students from fifteen school districts participated in the 2010 seminar held on campus at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

“The Community Foundation is proud to serve as the facilitator between businesses and school districts across the region to ultimately benefit the students in our communities,” said Jennifer D. Wilson, Community Foundation President & CEO.

The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania works regionally and locally through to bring together people, partners and places to grow local giving and investment, strengthen area organizations and results, and take on the critical issues and efforts needed to build vibrant communities and a thriving north central Pennsylvania region.

For more information on the programs and services offered by the Community Foundation, or to learn more about ways to make a difference in your community, contact the Community Foundation office at (570) 321-1500 or toll free at (866) 901-2372.

Photo Caption: Muncy Bank and Trust Executives Craig Kremser, David Mayer, Daniel Berninger, and Kathlene Bower, present Betty Gilmour and Jennifer Wilson from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania, with an $111,111 check to benefit local school districts through the Education Improvement Tax Credit Program

Muncy Bank and Trust presents FCFP with check.