Philanthropic Resources for Your Client

Professional advisors throughout our region rely on the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania to provide the attention and expertise required to help clients achieve their philanthropic goals. Whether your client is interested in deferred giving, the creation of a family endowment or a gift to one of our existing funds, you can depend on our experienced staff to assist in structuring gifts that maximize tax savings and establish an enduring legacy for your client.

Establishing a Fund
There are a variety of funds your client can establish at the Community Foundation. The type of fund they choose will reflect their values, personal preferences and the degree to which they want to be involved in grant recommendations.

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Ways to Give
One of the benefits of making a gift to the Community Foundation is the flexibility the Foundation can provide. Whether your client wants to give a gift now or plan a gift for later, the Community Foundation's staff can assist in tailoring a gift to meet their goals for giving.

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Community Foundation and Private Foundation
Establishing a fund at the Community Foundation has distinct advantages over creating a private foundation, including but not limited to expertise in the local nonprofits and low costs (for tax purposes and administration), which allows more money to be given to charity and permanence. The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania brings together people, partners and places to grow local giving and investment, strengthen area organizations and results, and take on the critical issues and efforts needed to build vibrant communities and a thriving north central Pennsylvania region.

Considering a Private Foundation? Know your options.

Investment and Spending Policy
The purpose of the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania’s Investment and Spending Policies is to support current as well as future grantmaking and administrative needs, while ensuring the inflation-adjusted spending power of the Foundation’s charitable assets over time.

Because the Foundation is a community foundation, the vast majority of its assets comprise permanent endowments for unrestricted as well as donor-designated charitable needs. With an investment time horizon of essentially forever, the Board of Directors takes a long-term view in setting and monitoring the impact of these policies.

The annual cash payout of all funds, except those funds containing liquid assets (such as certain real estate or other property) will be 5.0% of the average market value, using a 20-quarter trailing average and net of financial management fees. For funds less then five years old, the market value will be the average of all quarterly market values to date. This payout will be used to meet both grantmaking and administrative needs.

Investment and Spending Policy

Investment Objectives
The investment objective of the Foundation’s charitable pool is to meet the payout percentage, plus inflation, plus 0.5% of underlying growth in the pool. This is an investment objective that attempts to grow the portfolio, after distributions and after inflation. The Foundation has the ability to tolerate the volatility of a growth oriented asset allocation strategy that may offer the potential for greater charitable pool values and greater payouts in the future, understanding that this may result in a less stable payout from year to year.

Investment Consultant
The Foundation utilizes a professional investment consultant to advise the Foundation on our investment strategies. The Foundation’s investment consultant is The Mason Companies. For more information on The Mason Companies, please visit their website:

The Community Foundation is here to help you and your clients with their philanthropy needs. For assistance, contact the Development Office at 1.866.901.2372 or 570.321.1500.